Pixel Commando: Mission Lockdown! v1.8

Welcome to Pixel Commando! We are so proud and happy to announce this game.  Lots of fun awaits you in the hands of our commander!. In middle of the jungle on this amazing mission you will need to be fast and clever to reach the enemy fences and enter the enemy base.

This game was made in two weeks for MY FIRST GAME JAM WINTER 2021!

And continued being developed after that to bring today(jan-31) the First Update that make us one step closer to the goal!.

Last Update April-21th-2021

by Chiligames:

Cout-Nico-F  https://twitter.com/Strolche   (Producer-Level Design - Code)

Caronilart https://twitter.com/CaroCardoso  (Art)

In collaboration with:

GaelTP (Code)

VanyaBel www.ivandbeltran.com (UnityAudio -SFX-Music)

Zrunner (Code and music)

SebaDesca (Code)

Colorplease (Code)

ExoPrism https://twitter.com/ExoPrismDev (Community Manager, Social Media, Art)

Lonadar (Community Manager, Animations, Design)

The game can be played in the browser for FREE,  you con download the PC executable version for a minimim of $1. (that will be great!)

 Donations will help us more than you imagine to keep on doing more, so if you can please do it  :)

Thanks for playing and remember to drop a commentary below!  

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PCMLgame

Trailers: ( A bit outdated now: they are from  v 1.511 )

Trailer #1 by GaelTP: 

Trailer #2 by ExoPrism: 

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(8 total ratings)
AuthorsChili Games, IvanDbeltran, ZRunner, ExoPrism, Cout-Nico-F, JeeTP, Caronila, colorplease, Lonadar
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, chilligames, Cute, jungle, Pixel Art, Singleplayer, Top-Down, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


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5-6 WEBGL 1.8.zip 27 MB
Pixel Commando. Mission Lockdown V1.81 Desktop.zip 59 MB

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I really like this game! I love the variety of weapons, and that you can enter houses and then destroy them.

I finished the first level, the helicopter is a great boss.

I can't understand the point of the shovel, I can't use it.

I think a medicine box would help the player along the way, that you can use it when your health is low. 


I liked the recent update, keep it up!


(1 edit) (+1)

Hey there! Here from YouTube. I'll check the game up; keep up the good work!

Thank you Jimmy! :D


It was nice to see your new work. Awesome!


Thank you very much!!

I hope u enjoy the game ^^ we will have the lvl 2 available soon please come again to play it 😀


ePicc dOdGeSs !!

this is very challenging with only regular guns, indeed. Had to find epic tactics to dodge the bullets or bait enemies, but I would've wanted upgrades to guns, as the levels increases in difficulty. Or more health.

I think I still managed to go pretty far though?

Hey Rinkaku! Thanks for playing and sharing your experience =D We are working on new guns, a new Hint system and the Final boss for Level One. Dont forget to come back :D


this is reallly HARD


Hey thanks for play the game! 
We are working on some adjustments to change a little the difficulty :) there will be some new stuff too ^^

I know! The next version will fix this with rockets and more.
This sunday is the update, please come back and try again then :D 

@ausifj try it now



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Nice video! Thanks for sharing! Be ready, Rockets are real and 31/1 update will bring surprises! we are so hyped with this game! Thanks everyone for this 


This was great! Nice work guys!
It would be nice if some pick up items had upgrades (like +range, +damage, etc).
Also holding down the mouse click for autofire would be useful.
For the next update I would choose missiles but maybe for a commando grenades would make more sense.

Again congratulations for such a nice work.


Hey Desca!! Thank you very much for playing the game. We are really happy u enjoy it :)